in-situ hybridization

clone : 367e8

stage :

367e8 CELK06134 x F11C1 F11C1.5a 1.14
WormPepF11C1.5astatus:Partially_confirmed TR:Q19346 protein_id:CAA91030.1
GO0000166, nucleotide binding
0003735, structural constituent of ribosome
0005524, ATP binding
0005622, intracellular
0005840, ribosome
0006412, protein biosynthesis
0016887, ATPase activity
0017111, nucleoside-triphosphatase activity
BLASTXgi|17551594|ref|NP_510160.1| putative cytoplasmic protein of ancient origin (XN617) [Caenorhabditis elegans] gi|7498896|pir||T20766 hypothetical protein F11C1.5a - Caenorhabditis elegans gi|3875726|emb|CAA91030.1| Hypothetical protein F11C1.5a [Caenorhabditis elegans]

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