Homology by BLASTX

BLASTX 2.2.4 [Aug-26-2002]
Query= C52E4_2
         (1023 letters)

Database: /home/niguts/usr02/tshini/ykclst/db/nr.seq
           1,967,186 sequences; 661,712,633 total letters

                                                                 Score    E
Sequences producing significant alignments:                      (bits) Value

gi|7497829|pir||T20148 probable cysteine proteinase (EC 3.4.22.-...   672   0.0
gi|32566081|ref|NP_506002.2| cysteine PRotease related (35.4 kD)...   646   0.0
gi|39592139|emb|CAE75359.1| Hypothetical protein CBG23343 [Caeno...   577   e-163
gi|39592833|emb|CAE62447.1| Hypothetical protein CBG06539 [Caeno...   447   e-124
gi|39581137|emb|CAE70994.1| Hypothetical protein CBG17826 [Caeno...   447   e-124
gi|39579201|emb|CAE56994.1| Hypothetical protein CBG24861 [Caeno...   447   e-124
gi|39584563|emb|CAE74641.1| Hypothetical protein CBG22436 [Caeno...   414   e-114
gi|25153428|ref|NP_507186.2| predicted CDS, cathepsin B family m...   400   e-110
gi|7500618|pir||T21856 probable cysteine proteinase (EC 3.4.22.-...   396   e-109
gi|39582887|emb|CAE71663.1| Hypothetical protein CBG18635 [Caeno...   353   3e-96
gi|17559066|ref|NP_506790.1| cysteine PRotease related, cathepsi...   353   5e-96
gi|39592835|emb|CAE62449.1| Hypothetical protein CBG06541 [Caeno...   337   2e-91
gi|39588506|emb|CAE58029.1| Hypothetical protein CBG01103 [Caeno...   335   8e-91
gi|17565164|ref|NP_503383.1| cysteine PRotease related, cathepsi...   330   2e-89
gi|17559068|ref|NP_504682.1| cysteine PRotease related (36.5 kD)...   328   2e-88
gi|39582397|emb|CAE74781.1| Hypothetical protein CBG22612 [Caeno...   324   2e-87
gi|39594338|emb|CAE71916.1| Hypothetical protein CBG18978 [Caeno...   320   3e-86
gi|39582907|emb|CAE71683.1| Hypothetical protein CBG18657 [Caeno...   314   2e-84
gi|7507648|pir||T24819 hypothetical protein T10H4.12 - Caenorhab...   312   9e-84
gi|39582904|emb|CAE71680.1| Hypothetical protein CBG18654 [Caeno...   309   8e-83
gi|39592147|emb|CAE75367.1| Hypothetical protein CBG23351 [Caeno...   300   4e-80
gi|17561570|ref|NP_506011.1| cathepsin B family member (5M483) [...   297   3e-79
gi|39588507|emb|CAE58030.1| Hypothetical protein CBG01104 [Caeno...   294   3e-78
gi|2982114|pdb|1PBH|  Crystal Structure Of Human Recombinant Pro...   290   3e-77
gi|115711|sp|P07858|CATB_HUMAN Cathepsin B precursor (Cathepsin ...   290   3e-77
gi|4503139|ref|NP_001899.1| cathepsin B preproprotein; APP secre...   290   3e-77
gi|16307393|gb|AAH10240.1| Cathepsin B, preproprotein [Homo sapi...   290   5e-77
gi|30583753|gb|AAP36125.1| Homo sapiens cathepsin B [synthetic c...   290   5e-77
gi|27806671|ref|NP_776456.1| cathepsin B [Bos taurus] >gnl|BL_OR...   286   4e-76
gi|17565162|ref|NP_503382.1| cathepsin B precursor family member...   286   7e-76
gi|1168789|sp|P07688|CATB_BOVIN Cathepsin B precursor                 285   9e-76
gi|24158605|pdb|1GMY|A Chain A, Cathepsin B Complexed With Dipep...   285   9e-76
gi|6681079|ref|NP_031824.1| cathepsin B preproprotein [Mus muscu...   285   1e-75
gi|50745158|ref|XP_429301.1| PREDICTED: hypothetical protein XP_...   285   2e-75
gi|28373366|pdb|1ITO|A Chain A, Crystal Structure Analysis Of Bo...   284   2e-75
gi|9955277|pdb|1QDQ|A Chain A, X-Ray Crystal Structure Of Bovine...   284   3e-75
gi|984958|gb|AAC46877.1| cathepsin B-like proteinase                  283   3e-75
gi|28302291|gb|AAH46667.1| Cg10992-prov protein [Xenopus laevis]      282   1e-74
gi|203648|gb|AAA40993.1| cathepsin (EC                      281   1e-74
gi|34874087|ref|XP_346478.1| hypothetical protein XP_346477 [Rat...   281   1e-74
gi|12018262|ref|NP_072119.1| cathepsin B preproprotein [Rattus n...   281   1e-74
gi|25988674|gb|AAN76202.1| lysosomal cysteine proteinase catheps...   281   1e-74
gi|309202|gb|AAA37494.1| mouse preprocathepsin B                      281   2e-74
gi|1181143|emb|CAA93278.1| cysteine proteinase [Haemonchus conto...   280   3e-74
gi|28277314|gb|AAH44689.1| MGC53360 protein [Xenopus laevis]          280   4e-74
gi|34979797|gb|AAQ83887.1| cathepsin B [Branchiostoma belcheri t...   280   5e-74
gi|37788265|gb|AAO64472.1| cathepsin B precursor [Fundulus heter...   280   5e-74
gi|1311050|pdb|1CPJ|A Chain A, Thiol Protease Mol_id: 1; Molecul...   279   8e-74
gi|41055001|ref|NP_957349.1| similar to cathepsin B [Danio rerio...   279   8e-74
gi|46195455|ref|NP_990702.1| cathepsin B [Gallus gallus] >gnl|BL...   278   1e-73
gi|2134308|pir||S58770 cathepsin B (EC precursor - chi...   278   1e-73
gi|1127275|pdb|1CTE|A Chain A, Molecule: Cathepsin B; Ec: 3.4.22...   278   1e-73
gi|45361295|ref|NP_989225.1| hypothetical protein MGC75969 [Xeno...   277   3e-73
gi|14582897|gb|AAK69705.1| procathepsin B [Oncorhynchus mykiss]       277   3e-73
gi|50540542|ref|NP_998501.1| cathepsin B [Danio rerio] >gnl|BL_O...   277   3e-73
gi|227293|prf||1701299A cathepsin B                                   275   9e-73
gi|1942645|pdb|1MIR|A Chain A, Rat Procathepsin B >gnl|BL_ORD_ID...   275   1e-72
gi|31872149|gb|AAP59456.1| cathepsin B precursor [Araneus ventri...   274   2e-72
gi|45822203|emb|CAE47498.1| cathepsin B-like proteinase [Diabrot...   270   4e-71
gi|50657025|emb|CAH04630.1| cathepsin B [Suberites domuncula]         267   3e-70
gi|4325188|gb|AAD17297.1| cysteine proteinase [Ancylostoma ceyla...   267   3e-70
gi|984960|gb|AAC46878.1| cathepsin B proteinase                       266   4e-70
gi|25146613|ref|NP_741818.1| cysteine PRotease related (42.4 kD)...   265   1e-69
gi|21392648|gb|AAM51519.1| Cysteine protease related protein 6, ...   265   1e-69
gi|1777779|gb|AAB40605.1| cathepsin B-like cysteine proteinase        264   3e-69
gi|481614|pir||S38939 probable cathepsin B-like cysteine protein...   264   3e-69
gi|14141821|gb|AAK07477.2| probable cathepsin B-like cysteine pr...   263   6e-69
gi|39586718|emb|CAE65760.1| Hypothetical protein CBG10849 [Caeno...   261   2e-68
gi|7537454|gb|AAF35867.2| cathepsin B-like cysteine proteinase [...   260   4e-68
gi|47217183|emb|CAG11019.1| unnamed protein product [Tetraodon n...   259   5e-68
gi|18921171|ref|NP_572920.1| CG10992-PA [Drosophila melanogaster...   259   7e-68
gi|1169189|sp|P43157|CYSP_SCHJA Cathepsin B-like cysteine protei...   258   2e-67
gi|31209737|ref|XP_313835.1| ENSANGP00000003981 [Anopheles gambi...   258   2e-67
gi|478099|pir||D48435 cysteine proteinase AC-3 - nematode (Haemo...   257   3e-67
gi|3087801|emb|CAA93277.1| cysteine proteinase [Haemonchus conto...   256   4e-67
gi|30995341|gb|AAO59414.2| cathepsin B endopeptidase [Schistosom...   256   8e-67
gi|477253|pir||A48454 cathepsin B-like cysteine proteinase (EC 3...   255   1e-66
gi|22531387|emb|CAD44624.1| cathepsin B1 isotype 1 [Schistosoma ...   254   2e-66
gi|3912916|gb|AAC78691.1| thiol protease [Trichuris suis]             253   4e-66
gi|39581140|emb|CAE70997.1| Hypothetical protein CBG17829 [Caeno...   252   8e-66
gi|18181863|emb|CAC85211.2| cathepsin B endopeptidase [Schistoso...   251   2e-65
gi|13548667|dbj|BAB40804.1| cathepsin B [Bombyx mori]                 251   2e-65
gi|22531389|emb|CAD44625.1| cathepsin B1 isotype 2 [Schistosoma ...   250   3e-65
gi|5764077|emb|CAB53367.1| necpain [Necator americanus]               250   4e-65
gi|118153|sp|P25792|CYSP_SCHMA Cathepsin B-like cysteine protein...   249   7e-65
gi|477808|pir||B48435 cysteine proteinase AC-5 - nematode (Haemo...   248   1e-64
gi|1345924|sp|P25802|CYS1_OSTOS Cathepsin B-like cysteine protei...   248   2e-64
gi|2944340|gb|AAC05262.1| cathepsin B-like cysteine protease GCP...   247   4e-64
gi|118118|sp|P19092|CYS1_HAECO Cathepsin B-like cysteine protein...   243   4e-63
gi|21930117|gb|AAM82155.1| cysteine proteinase [Ancylostoma ceyl...   243   7e-63
gi|118122|sp|P25793|CYS2_HAECO Cathepsin B-like cysteine protein...   241   2e-62
gi|39594884|emb|CAE70752.1| Hypothetical protein CBG17499 [Caeno...   240   3e-62
gi|1008858|gb|AAA79004.1| cathepsin B-like thiol protease             239   6e-62
gi|29374025|gb|AAO73003.1| cathepsin B [Fasciola gigantica]           237   3e-61
gi|31209739|ref|XP_313836.1| ENSANGP00000012227 [Anopheles gambi...   236   5e-61
gi|28932700|gb|AAO60044.1| midgut cysteine proteinase 1 [Rhipice...   235   1e-60
gi|17560488|ref|NP_506310.1| cathepsin precursor family member (...   235   1e-60
gi|27526823|emb|CAD32937.1| pro-cathepsin B2 [Fasciola hepatica]      234   2e-60
gi|19526442|gb|AAL89717.1| cathepsin B [Apriona germari]              231   2e-59
gi|345308|pir||S31909 cathepsin B-like cysteine proteinase (EC 3...   231   2e-59
gi|5031250|gb|AAD38132.1| vitellogenic cathepsin-B like protease...   231   3e-59
gi|45822211|emb|CAE47502.1| cathepsin B-like proteinase [Diabrot...   230   3e-59
gi|38373697|gb|AAR19103.1| cathepsin B [Uronema marinum]              230   3e-59
gi|3087799|emb|CAA93276.1| cysteine proteinase [Haemonchus conto...   229   6e-59
gi|478007|pir||C48435 cysteine proteinase AC-4 - nematode (Haemo...   229   6e-59
gi|44965401|gb|AAS49537.1| cathepsin B [Latimeria chalumnae]          228   2e-58
gi|18378947|ref|NP_563648.1| cathepsin B-like cysteine protease,...   227   3e-58
gi|29374027|gb|AAO73004.1| cathepsin B [Fasciola gigantica]           227   4e-58
gi|22535408|emb|CAC87118.1| cathepsin B-like protease [Nilaparva...   226   5e-58
gi|4204370|gb|AAD11445.1| cathepsin B protease [Fasciola hepatica]    226   5e-58
gi|38639325|gb|AAR25800.1| cathepsin B-like cysteine proteinase ...   225   1e-57
gi|3087797|emb|CAA93275.1| cysteine proteinase [Haemonchus conto...   220   5e-56
gi|39592834|emb|CAE62448.1| Hypothetical protein CBG06540 [Caeno...   219   6e-56
gi|999909|pdb|1HUC|B Chain B, Cathepsin B (E.C. >gnl|BL...   219   1e-55
gi|181178|gb|AAA52125.1| lysosomal proteinase cathepsin B             219   1e-55
gi|44965462|gb|AAS49538.1| cathepsin B [Protopterus dolloi]           218   2e-55
gi|48425700|pdb|1SP4|B Chain B, Crystal Structure Of Ns-134 In C...   218   2e-55
gi|18411686|ref|NP_567215.1| cathepsin B-like cysteine protease,...   217   3e-55
gi|2129942|pir||S60479 cathepsin B-like cysteine proteinase (EC ...   217   4e-55
gi|609175|emb|CAA57522.1| cathepsin B-like cysteine proteinase [...   216   5e-55
gi|28971815|dbj|BAC65419.1| cathepsin B [Pandalus borealis]           216   9e-55
gi|48762476|dbj|BAD23809.1| cathepsin B-S [Tuberaphis styraci]        215   1e-54
gi|29374023|gb|AAO73002.1| cathepsin B [Fasciola gigantica]           214   3e-54
gi|3087803|emb|CAA93279.1| cysteine protease [Haemonchus contortus]   213   4e-54
gi|1644295|emb|CAB03627.1| cysteine proteinase [Haemonchus conto...   213   4e-54
gi|48762493|dbj|BAD23816.1| cathepsin B-N [Tuberaphis coreana]        213   7e-54
gi|48762485|dbj|BAD23812.1| cathepsin B-N [Tuberaphis styraci]        213   7e-54
gi|17565158|ref|NP_503384.1| cathepsin precursor family member (...   212   1e-53
gi|14582576|gb|AAK69541.1| cathepsin B-like cysteine proteinase ...   212   1e-53
gi|30678927|ref|NP_849281.1| cathepsin B-like cysteine protease,...   212   1e-53
gi|6165885|gb|AAF04727.1| cathepsin B-like cysteine proteinase [...   211   3e-53
gi|48762491|dbj|BAD23815.1| cathepsin B-S [Tuberaphis coreana]        211   3e-53
gi|7435783|pir||T06413 cathepsin B-like cysteine proteinase (EC ...   210   5e-53
gi|40643250|emb|CAC83720.1| cathepsin B [Hordeum vulgare subsp. ...   209   8e-53
gi|3929733|emb|CAA77178.1| cathepsin B [Homo sapiens]                 209   1e-52
gi|7435782|pir||T06466 cathepsin B-like cysteine proteinase (EC ...   207   2e-52
gi|3929817|emb|CAA77181.1| cathepsin B [Mus musculus]                 207   3e-52
gi|44968648|gb|AAS49594.1| cathepsin B [Scyliorhinus canicula]        206   5e-52
gi|31209729|ref|XP_313831.1| ENSANGP00000012222 [Anopheles gambi...   205   2e-51
gi|2317912|gb|AAC24376.1| cathepsin B-like cysteine proteinase [...   204   3e-51
gi|38074689|ref|XP_140905.2| similar to Cathepsin B precursor (C...   204   3e-51
gi|728602|emb|CAA88490.1| cathepsin B-like enzyme [Leishmania me...   200   4e-50
gi|39588505|emb|CAE58028.1| Hypothetical protein CBG01102 [Caeno...   197   2e-49
gi|39581138|emb|CAE70995.1| Hypothetical protein CBG17827 [Caeno...   197   3e-49
gi|10803452|emb|CAB97365.2| putative cathepsin B.2 [Ostertagia o...   197   3e-49
gi|729283|sp|Q06544|CYS3_OSTOS Cathepsin B-like cysteine protein...   197   4e-49
gi|18378945|ref|NP_563647.1| cathepsin B-like cysteine protease,...   196   9e-49
gi|21700775|gb|AAL60053.1| cysteine proteinase [Toxoplasma gondii]    195   1e-48
gi|12005276|gb|AAG44365.1| cathepsin B-like cysteine protease [L...   194   3e-48
gi|17384033|emb|CAD12394.1| cysteine proteinase [Leishmania infa...   194   4e-48
gi|12004577|gb|AAG44098.1| cathepsin B cysteine protease [Leishm...   191   2e-47
gi|10803437|emb|CAC13131.1| putative cathepsin B.5 [Ostertagia o...   191   2e-47
gi|741376|prf||2007265A cathepsin B                                   191   3e-47
gi|1848229|gb|AAB48119.1| cathepsin B-like protease [Leishmania ...   189   7e-47
gi|40557577|gb|AAR88085.1| cathepsin B-like cysteine protease [T...   181   2e-44
gi|10803454|emb|CAB97366.2| putative cathepsin B.3 [Ostertagia o...   181   2e-44
gi|21695|emb|CAA46812.1| cathepsin B [Triticum aestivum]              178   2e-43
gi|162813|gb|AAA30434.1| cathepsin B                                  175   1e-42
gi|10803441|emb|CAC13133.1| putative cathepsin B.7 [Ostertagia o...   175   2e-42
gi|28974200|gb|AAO61484.1| cathepsin B [Sterkiella histriomuscorum]   175   2e-42
gi|3088522|gb|AAD03404.1| cathepsin B-like protease precursor [T...   172   1e-41
gi|29840882|gb|AAP05883.1| similar to GenBank Accession Number X...   171   2e-41
gi|10803450|emb|CAB97364.2| putative cathepsin B.1 [Ostertagia o...   170   4e-41
gi|10803439|emb|CAC13132.1| putative cathepsin B.6 [Ostertagia o...   162   1e-38
gi|6562772|emb|CAB62590.1| putative cathepsin B-like protease [P...   161   2e-38
gi|10803443|emb|CAC13134.1| putative cathepsin B.8 [Ostertagia o...   160   3e-38
gi|10803435|emb|CAC13130.1| putative cathepsin B.4 [Ostertagia o...   152   9e-36
gi|508264|gb|AAA96833.1| cysteine protease                            148   2e-34
gi|39584558|emb|CAE74636.1| Hypothetical protein CBG22431 [Caeno...   146   7e-34
gi|496968|gb|AAA96831.1| cysteine protease homologue                  145   1e-33
gi|603044|gb|AAA96832.1| cysteine protease homolog                    144   2e-33
gi|15723276|gb|AAL06326.1| cathepsin B-like protease [Trypanosom...   143   6e-33
gi|15723280|gb|AAL06328.1| cathepsin B-like protease [Trypanosom...   142   9e-33
gi|15723274|gb|AAL06325.1| cathepsin B-like protease [Trypanosom...   142   1e-32
gi|17510377|ref|NP_490763.1| cathepsin B family member (48.2 kD)...   139   8e-32
gi|15723272|gb|AAL06324.1| cathepsin B-like protease [Trypanosom...   139   1e-31
gi|39585894|emb|CAE61308.1| Hypothetical protein CBG05143 [Caeno...   138   2e-31
gi|15150360|gb|AAK85411.1| cathepsin B-like protease [Trypanosom...   135   2e-30
gi|29245436|gb|EAA37074.1| GLP_113_4299_5381 [Giardia lamblia AT...   135   2e-30
gi|32129435|sp|P92133|CAL3_GIALA Cathepsin B-like CP3 precursor ...   134   3e-30
gi|33417162|gb|AAH56109.1| Ctsc-prov protein [Xenopus laevis]         134   3e-30
gi|159950|gb|AAA29435.1| cathepsin B-like cysteine protease           132   2e-29
gi|22653678|sp|O97578|CATC_CANFA Dipeptidyl-peptidase I precurso...   131   2e-29
gi|45708820|gb|AAH67941.1| LOC407938 protein [Xenopus tropicalis]     131   3e-29
gi|39595196|emb|CAE60233.1| Hypothetical protein CBG03805 [Caeno...   131   3e-29
gi|29249541|gb|EAA41050.1| GLP_447_16146_15244 [Giardia lamblia ...   130   5e-29
gi|17506871|ref|NP_492593.1| tubulointerstitial nephritis antige...   130   5e-29
gi|50731191|ref|XP_417207.1| PREDICTED: similar to Dipeptidyl-pe...   129   8e-29
gi|47212965|emb|CAF93376.1| unnamed protein product [Tetraodon n...   129   8e-29
gi|17933077|gb|AAL48195.1| cathepsin C [Homo sapiens]                 129   1e-28
gi|32129433|sp|P92131|CAL1_GIALA Cathepsin B-like CP1 precursor ...   129   1e-28
gi|17933071|gb|AAL48192.1| cathepsin C [Homo sapiens]                 129   1e-28
gi|1582221|prf||2118248A prepro-cathepsin C                           129   1e-28
gi|17933069|gb|AAL48191.1| cathepsin C [Homo sapiens]                 129   1e-28
gi|33327024|gb|AAQ08887.1| cathepsin C [Homo sapiens]                 129   1e-28
gi|4503141|ref|NP_001805.1| cathepsin C isoform a preproprotein;...   129   1e-28
gi|32129434|sp|P92132|CAL2_GIALA Cathepsin B-like CP2 precursor ...   128   2e-28
gi|37905530|gb|AAO64478.1| cathepsin C precursor [Fundulus heter...   128   2e-28
gi|1763659|gb|AAB58258.1| cysteine protease [Giardia intestinalis]    127   3e-28
gi|29248531|gb|EAA40062.1| GLP_162_1114_2025 [Giardia lamblia AT...   127   3e-28
gi|11691656|emb|CAC18646.1| cathepsin B-like protease 1 [Giardia...   127   3e-28
gi|2599293|gb|AAC32040.1| preprocathepsin C [Schistosoma japonicum]   127   4e-28
gi|29245813|gb|EAA37433.1| GLP_442_4888_3992 [Giardia lamblia AT...   127   4e-28
gi|8393218|ref|NP_058793.1| cathepsin C; Cathepsin C (dipeptidyl...   127   4e-28
gi|12330244|gb|AAG52659.1| cysteine proteinase [Metagonimus yoko...   127   5e-28
gi|12658201|gb|AAK01061.1| cysteine proteinase [Metagonimus yoko...   126   7e-28
gi|29246290|gb|EAA37893.1| GLP_449_32565_31567 [Giardia lamblia ...   126   7e-28
gi|552158|gb|AAA29433.1| cathepsin B-like cysteine protease           126   9e-28
gi|47550737|ref|NP_999887.1| cathepsin C; ik:tdsubc_1h2 [Danio r...   126   9e-28
gi|24657813|ref|NP_726176.1| CG3074-PA [Drosophila melanogaster]...   126   9e-28
gi|552159|gb|AAA29434.1| cathepsin B-like cysteine protease           126   9e-28
gi|31560607|ref|NP_034112.2| cathepsin C preproprotein; dipeptid...   126   9e-28
gi|3023454|sp|P97821|CATC_MOUSE Dipeptidyl-peptidase I precursor...   125   1e-27
gi|12330246|gb|AAG52660.1| cysteine proteinase [Metagonimus yoko...   125   2e-27
gi|16768502|gb|AAL28470.1| GM06507p [Drosophila melanogaster]         125   2e-27
gi|24987409|pdb|1JQP|A Chain A, Dipeptidyl Peptidase I (Cathepsi...   124   5e-27
gi|31198479|ref|XP_308187.1| ENSANGP00000020785 [Anopheles gambi...   124   5e-27
gi|115716|sp|P80067|CATC_RAT Dipeptidyl-peptidase I precursor (D...   124   5e-27
gi|48762481|dbj|BAD23810.1| cathepsin B-S [Tuberaphis taiwana]        123   6e-27
gi|30038325|dbj|BAC75711.1| cathepsin C [Bos taurus]                  123   6e-27
gi|13469701|gb|AAK27318.1| cysteine proteinase [Clonorchis sinen...   123   8e-27
gi|2499875|sp|Q26563|CATC_SCHMA Cathepsin C precursor >gnl|BL_OR...   122   1e-26
gi|1584943|prf||2123443A cathepsin C                                  122   1e-26
gi|312266|emb|CAA51531.1| cathepsin B-like enzyme [Gallus gallus]     122   1e-26
gi|29248841|gb|EAA40365.1| GLP_567_6496_7413 [Giardia lamblia AT...   120   4e-26
gi|11545918|ref|NP_071447.1| P3ECSL; glucocorticoid-inducible pr...   120   7e-26
gi|28804799|dbj|BAC57943.1| cathepsin C [Marsupenaeus japonicus]      120   7e-26
gi|13543125|gb|AAH05738.1| Lcn7 protein [Mus musculus] >gnl|BL_O...   118   2e-25
gi|12963691|ref|NP_075965.1| lipocalin 7; androgen-regulated gen...   118   2e-25
gi|34864376|ref|XP_236424.2| similar to tubulo-interstitial neph...   117   4e-25
gi|47271446|ref|NP_055279.2| tubulointerstitial nephritis antige...   117   6e-25
gi|11360328|pir||JC7189 tubulointerstitial nephritis antigen - h...   117   6e-25
gi|16758354|ref|NP_446034.1| lipocalin 7; glucocorticoid-inducib...   116   7e-25
gi|4929827|gb|AAD34171.1| tubulo-interstitial nephritis antigen ...   116   7e-25
gi|31981314|ref|NP_036163.2| tubulointerstitial nephritis antige...   116   7e-25
gi|2330009|gb|AAB66719.1| cysteine protease [Giardia muris]           115   2e-24
gi|39584559|emb|CAE74637.1| Hypothetical protein CBG22432 [Caeno...   114   5e-24
gi|34098755|sp|Q9UJW2|TNAG_HUMAN Tubulointerstitial nephritis an...   114   5e-24
gi|50744850|ref|XP_419905.1| PREDICTED: similar to tubulointerst...   112   1e-23
gi|4099305|gb|AAD00577.1| cysteine proteinase [Clonorchis sinensis]   112   1e-23
gi|48762483|dbj|BAD23811.1| cathepsin B-S [Tuberaphis takenouchii]    112   1e-23
gi|12958837|gb|AAK09441.1| cathepsin b-like precursor protein [A...   112   2e-23
gi|29248113|gb|EAA39655.1| GLP_217_11853_10927 [Giardia lamblia ...   110   4e-23
gi|1363085|pir||A57480 tubulointerstitial nephritis antigen prec...   109   1e-22
gi|12832450|dbj|BAB22112.1| unnamed protein product [Mus musculus]    105   1e-21
gi|29247428|gb|EAA38990.1| GLP_542_3431_1206 [Giardia lamblia AT...   103   5e-21
gi|39583812|emb|CAE74885.1| Hypothetical protein CBG22748 [Caeno...   102   2e-20
gi|23344736|gb|AAN28681.1| cathepsin B [Theromyzon tessulatum]        101   3e-20
gi|118156|sp|P14658|CYSP_TRYBB Cysteine proteinase precursor >gn...    99   2e-19
gi|102074|pir||S12099 cysteine proteinase (EC 3.4.22.-) precurso...    99   2e-19
gi|7494569|pir||T37284 cysteine proteinase (EC 3.4.22.-) - Caeno...    99   2e-19
gi|17569349|ref|NP_509408.1| cysteine proteinase AALP (43.7 kD) ...    99   2e-19
gi|15485586|emb|CAC67416.1| cysteine protease [Trypanosoma bruce...    98   3e-19
gi|6449324|gb|AAF08932.1| tubulointerstitial nephritis antigen i...    98   3e-19
gi|1763661|gb|AAB58259.1| cysteine protease [Giardia intestinalis]     98   3e-19
gi|29246183|gb|EAA37790.1| GLP_549_24108_24914 [Giardia lamblia ...    98   3e-19
gi|29249287|gb|EAA40802.1| GLP_29_33036_32140 [Giardia lamblia A...    98   3e-19
gi|48762489|dbj|BAD23814.1| cathepsin B-N [Tuberaphis takenouchii]     98   3e-19
gi|42744610|gb|AAH66625.1| Zgc:66267 protein [Danio rerio]             97   8e-19
gi|41055337|ref|NP_956720.1| hypothetical protein MGC66267 [Dani...    97   8e-19
gi|19698255|dbj|BAB86770.1| cathepsin L-like [Engraulis japonicus]     96   1e-18
gi|45822209|emb|CAE47501.1| cathepsin L-like proteinase [Diabrot...    96   1e-18
gi|8468607|gb|AAF75547.1| cruzipain [Trypanosoma cruzi]                94   4e-18
gi|14290553|gb|AAH09048.1| LCN7 protein [Homo sapiens]                 94   5e-18
gi|461905|sp|Q05094|CYS2_LEIPI Cysteine proteinase 2 precursor (...    94   7e-18
gi|19698257|dbj|BAB86771.1| cathepsin L-like [Engraulis japonicus]     94   7e-18
gi|478768|pir||S29245 cysteine proteinase (EC 3.4.22.-) precurso...    93   9e-18
gi|39588844|emb|CAE69474.1| Hypothetical protein CBG15672 [Caeno...    93   1e-17
gi|1730100|sp|P36400|LCPB_LEIME Cysteine proteinase B precursor ...    93   1e-17
gi|13491750|gb|AAK27968.1| cysteine protease [Ipomoea batatas]         92   1e-17
gi|45822205|emb|CAE47499.1| cathepsin L-like proteinase [Diabrot...    92   1e-17
gi|48145879|emb|CAG33162.1| CTSH [Homo sapiens]                        92   1e-17
gi|21264388|sp|P09668|CATH_HUMAN Cathepsin H precursor >gnl|BL_O...    92   1e-17
gi|67653|pir||KHHUH cathepsin H (EC precursor [valida...    92   1e-17
gi|23110955|ref|NP_004381.2| cathepsin H isoform a preproprotein...    92   1e-17
gi|16506813|gb|AAL23961.1| cathepsin H [Homo sapiens]                  92   1e-17
gi|23110957|ref|NP_683880.1| cathepsin H isoform b precursor; al...    92   1e-17
gi|16506815|gb|AAL23962.1| truncated cathepsin H [Homo sapiens]        92   1e-17
gi|14042811|dbj|BAB55403.1| unnamed protein product [Homo sapiens]     92   1e-17
gi|203341|gb|AAA63484.1| cathepsin H                                   92   2e-17
gi|7435820|pir||T10514 probable stem bromelain (EC pr...    92   2e-17
gi|6978721|ref|NP_037071.1| cathepsin H [Rattus norvegicus] >gnl...    92   2e-17
gi|24285904|gb|AAL14199.1| cysteine proteinase precursor [Ipomoe...    92   2e-17
gi|37788267|gb|AAO64473.1| cathepsin H precursor [Fundulus heter...    92   2e-17
gi|452264|emb|CAA80449.1| cathepsin B-like protease [Fasciola he...    92   2e-17
gi|10441624|gb|AAG17127.1| cathepsin L-like cysteine proteinase ...    92   2e-17
gi|38683931|gb|AAR27011.1| cysteine protease [Periserrula leucop...    92   2e-17
gi|118157|sp|P25779|CYSP_TRYCR Cruzipain precursor (Major cystei...    92   2e-17
gi|11464864|gb|AAG35357.1| cruzipain [Trypanosoma cruzi]               92   2e-17
gi|46948158|gb|AAT07061.1| cathepsin Z-like cysteine proteinase ...    91   3e-17
gi|28974202|gb|AAO61485.1| cathepsin H [Sterkiella histriomuscorum]    91   3e-17
gi|23397070|gb|AAN31820.1| putative cysteine proteinase AALP [Ar...    91   3e-17
gi|18424347|ref|NP_568921.1| cysteine proteinase, putative / AAL...    91   3e-17
gi|577617|gb|AAC37213.1| cysteine proteinase                           91   3e-17
gi|50758927|ref|XP_417483.1| PREDICTED: similar to cathepsin Y [...    91   4e-17
gi|323055|pir||A45629 cysteine proteinase cruzipain (EC 3.4.22.-...    91   4e-17
gi|13905172|gb|AAH06878.1| Cathepsin H [Mus musculus]                  91   6e-17
gi|48762487|dbj|BAD23813.1| cathepsin B-N [Tuberaphis taiwana]         91   6e-17
gi|6851030|emb|CAB71032.1| cysteine protease [Lolium multiflorum]      91   6e-17
gi|19747207|gb|AAL96762.1| Tcc1l8.8 [Trypanosoma cruzi]                91   6e-17
gi|31558997|gb|AAP49831.1| cathepsin L [Fasciola hepatica]             91   6e-17
gi|1136308|gb|AAB41119.1| cruzipain                                    91   6e-17
gi|67656|pir||KHBH aleurain (EC 3.4.22.-) precursor - barley           90   7e-17
gi|7106279|ref|NP_031827.1| cathepsin H; Cat H [Mus musculus] >g...    90   7e-17
gi|17507081|ref|NP_491023.1| cathepsin Z (1D256) [Caenorhabditis...    90   7e-17
gi|39595452|emb|CAE60490.1| Hypothetical protein CBG04105 [Caeno...    90   7e-17
gi|47270758|gb|AAB54210.2| Cathepsin z protein 1 [Caenorhabditis...    90   7e-17
gi|18141281|gb|AAL60578.1| senescence-associated cysteine protea...    90   7e-17
gi|47086663|ref|NP_997853.1| Unknown (protein for MGC:85774); wu...    90   9e-17
gi|29708|emb|CAA30428.1| cathepsin H [Homo sapiens]                    90   9e-17
gi|4210800|emb|CAA76927.1| thiol protease [Phaedon cochleariae]        90   9e-17
gi|47522632|ref|NP_999094.1| cathepsin H [Sus scrofa] >gnl|BL_OR...    90   9e-17
gi|1680720|gb|AAC47348.1| cysteine protease precursor [Onchocerc...    90   9e-17
gi|15824691|gb|AAL09443.1| cysteine protease [Leishmania donovani]     90   9e-17
gi|7271891|gb|AAF44676.1| cathepsin L [Fasciola gigantica]             90   9e-17
gi|47224192|emb|CAG13112.1| unnamed protein product [Tetraodon n...    89   1e-16
gi|14348750|emb|CAC41275.1| CPB2 protein [Leishmania mexicana]         89   1e-16
gi|2780176|emb|CAA71085.1| cystein proteinase [Leishmania mexicana]    89   2e-16
gi|9635308|ref|NP_059206.1| ORF58 [Xestia c-nigrum granulovirus]...    89   2e-16
gi|37907340|gb|AAO64476.1| cathepsin Z precursor [Fundulus heter...    89   2e-16
gi|46561115|gb|AAT00789.1| cathepsin Z precursor [Onchocerca vol...    88   3e-16
gi|4139678|pdb|8PCH|A Chain A, Crystal Structure Of Porcine Cath...    88   3e-16
gi|8347420|dbj|BAA96501.1| cysteine protease [Nicotiana tabacum]       88   3e-16
gi|1136312|gb|AAB41118.1| cruzipain                                    88   3e-16
gi|1809286|gb|AAB41670.1| secreted cathepsin L 1 [Fasciola hepat...    88   3e-16
gi|7435801|pir||T06416 cysteine proteinase (EC 3.4.22.-) precurs...    88   3e-16
gi|10798509|emb|CAC12805.1| procathepsin L3 [Fasciola hepatica]        88   4e-16
gi|20136379|gb|AAM11647.1| cathepsin L [Fasciola hepatica]             88   4e-16
gi|129233|sp|P25778|ORYC_ORYSA Oryzain gamma chain precursor >gn...    88   4e-16
gi|945081|gb|AAC49361.1| P21                                           88   4e-16
gi|41152538|gb|AAR99518.1| cathepsin L protein [Fasciola hepatica]     88   4e-16
gi|1185459|gb|AAA87849.1| preprocathepsin cathepsin L                  87   5e-16
gi|39581139|emb|CAE70996.1| Hypothetical protein CBG17828 [Caeno...    87   5e-16
gi|28192371|gb|AAK07729.1| NTCP23-like cysteine proteinase [Nico...    87   5e-16
gi|18402225|ref|NP_566633.1| cysteine proteinase, putative / thi...    87   6e-16
gi|1749812|emb|CAA90237.1| cysteine proteinase LmCPB1 [Leishmani...    87   6e-16
gi|10798513|emb|CAC12807.1| procathepsin L3 [Fasciola hepatica]        87   6e-16
gi|113603|sp|P05167|ALEU_HORVU Thiol protease aleurain precursor...    87   6e-16
gi|7435809|pir||T06529 cysteine proteinase (EC 3.4.22.-) - garde...    87   6e-16
gi|6649593|gb|AAF21470.1| cysteine proteinase [Clonorchis sinensis]    87   8e-16
gi|18390634|ref|NP_563764.1| cysteine proteinase, putative [Arab...    87   8e-16
gi|630486|pir||S44151 cathepsin L (EC - fluke (Schist...    87   8e-16
gi|6649575|gb|AAF21461.1| cysteine proteinase PWCP1 [Paragonimus...    87   8e-16
gi|48762495|dbj|BAD23817.1| cathepsin B-S [Tuberaphis styraci]         87   8e-16
gi|30575714|gb|AAP33049.1| cysteine proteinase 1 [Clonorchis sin...    87   8e-16
gi|11464866|gb|AAG35358.1| cruzipain [Trypanosoma cruzi]               87   8e-16
gi|45738078|gb|AAS75836.1| fastuosain precursor [Bromelia fastuosa]    86   1e-15
gi|17062058|gb|AAL34984.1| cathepsine L-like cysteine protease [...    86   1e-15
gi|40806498|gb|AAR92154.1| putative cysteine protease 1 [Iris ho...    86   1e-15
gi|24653516|ref|NP_725347.1| CG6692-PA [Drosophila melanogaster]...    86   1e-15
gi|24653514|ref|NP_523735.2| CG6692-PC [Drosophila melanogaster]...    86   1e-15
gi|39579200|emb|CAE56993.1| Hypothetical protein CBG24860 [Caeno...    86   1e-15
gi|41152540|gb|AAR99519.1| cathepsin L protein [Fasciola hepatica]     86   1e-15
gi|7546545|pdb|1EF7|A Chain A, Crystal Structure Of Human Cathep...    86   2e-15
gi|15419587|gb|AAK97078.1| encystation-specific protease [Giardi...    86   2e-15
gi|7245728|pdb|1DEU|A Chain A, Crystal Structure Of Human Procat...    86   2e-15
gi|3719219|gb|AAC63141.1| preprocathepsin P [Homo sapiens]             86   2e-15
gi|49387634|dbj|BAD25828.1| putative cysteine proteinase [Oryza ...    86   2e-15
gi|630489|pir||S43991 cathepsin L-like proteinases (EC 3.4.22.-)...    86   2e-15
gi|7435779|pir||S71923 cysteine proteinase (EC 3.4.22.-) - garde...    86   2e-15
gi|4809232|gb|AAD30154.1| cathepsin Z1 preproprotein [Toxocara c...    86   2e-15
gi|14422331|emb|CAC41636.1| early leaf senescence abundant cyste...    86   2e-15
gi|22538442|ref|NP_001327.2| cathepsin Z preproprotein; cathepsi...    86   2e-15
gi|3294548|gb|AAC39839.1| cathepsin Z precursor; CTSZ [Homo sapi...    86   2e-15
gi|18141289|gb|AAL60582.1| senescence-associated cysteine protea...    85   2e-15
gi|37991670|dbj|BAD00046.1| cysteine protease [Triticum aestivum]      85   2e-15
gi|11968166|ref|NP_071720.1| cathepsin Z preproprotein; cathepsi...    85   2e-15
gi|33242865|gb|AAQ01137.1| cathepsin [Branchiostoma lanceolatum]       85   2e-15
gi|34328540|ref|NP_899159.1| cathepsin Y [Rattus norvegicus] >gn...    85   2e-15
gi|47222865|emb|CAF96532.1| unnamed protein product [Tetraodon n...    85   2e-15
gi|7219908|gb|AAF40479.1| cystein protease [Clonorchis sinensis]       85   2e-15
gi|8547325|gb|AAF76330.1| cathepsin L [Fasciola hepatica]              85   3e-15
gi|29245258|gb|EAA36907.1| GLP_41_8294_9919 [Giardia lamblia ATC...    84   4e-15
gi|29150712|gb|AAO64444.1| cathepsin Z-like cysteine proteinase ...    84   4e-15
gi|38045864|gb|AAR08900.1| cathepsin L [Fasciola gigantica]            84   4e-15
gi|18141283|gb|AAL60579.1| senescence-associated cysteine protea...    84   5e-15
gi|2731635|gb|AAB93494.1| pre-procathepsin L [Paragonimus wester...    84   5e-15
gi|26452046|dbj|BAC43113.1| putative cysteine proteinase RD21A p...    84   5e-15
gi|11066226|gb|AAG28507.1| cathepsin Z [Mus musculus]                  84   5e-15
gi|47227517|emb|CAG04665.1| unnamed protein product [Tetraodon n...    84   5e-15
gi|1581746|prf||2117247B Cys protease:ISOTYPE=2                        84   5e-15
gi|3650498|gb|AAC61477.1| cathepsin X precursor [Homo sapiens]         84   5e-15
gi|47213723|emb|CAF95154.1| unnamed protein product [Tetraodon n...    84   7e-15
gi|46948154|gb|AAT07059.1| cathepsin F-like cysteine proteinase ...    84   7e-15
gi|7435822|pir||T07840 ananain (EC AN8 precursor - pi...    84   7e-15
gi|2118132|pir||JC4848 cysteine proteinase (EC 3.4.22.-) - Dougl...    84   7e-15
gi|480567|pir||S37048 cysteine proteinase - Trypanosoma congolense     84   7e-15
gi|1163075|emb|CAA81061.1| cysteine proteinase [Trypanosoma cong...    84   7e-15
gi|30685308|ref|NP_566634.2| cysteine proteinase, putative [Arab...    84   7e-15
gi|11863537|emb|CAC18798.1| cathepsin Z [Cricetulus griseus]           84   7e-15
gi|28194643|gb|AAO33583.1| cathepsin P [Meriones unguiculatus]         83   9e-15
gi|2499879|sp|Q40143|CYS3_LYCES Cysteine proteinase 3 precursor ...    83   9e-15
gi|13774082|gb|AAK38169.1| cathepsin L-like [Fasciola hepatica]        83   9e-15
gi|34146988|gb|AAB65956.2| Hypothetical protein F41E6.6 [Caenorh...    83   9e-15
gi|44844204|emb|CAF32698.1| cysteine proteinase [Leishmania infa...    83   1e-14
gi|7435811|pir||T06708 cysteine proteinase (EC 3.4.22.-) T29H11....    82   2e-14
gi|2352469|gb|AAC00067.1| cysteine protease [Trypanosoma cruzi]        82   2e-14
gi|14602252|ref|NP_148795.1| ORF11 cathepsin [Cydia pomonella gr...    82   2e-14
gi|15824516|gb|AAL09381.1| cysteine proteinase [Haemonchus conto...    82   2e-14
gi|45822207|emb|CAE47500.1| cathepsin L-like proteinase [Diabrot...    82   2e-14
gi|3023456|sp|Q26534|CATL_SCHMA Cathepsin L precursor (SMCL1) >g...    82   2e-14
gi|4972585|gb|AAD34707.1| cysteine proteinase [Paragonimus weste...    82   2e-14
gi|50657031|emb|CAH04633.1| cathepsin X/O [Suberites domuncula]        82   2e-14
gi|10798511|emb|CAC12806.1| cathepsin L1 [Fasciola hepatica]           82   2e-14
gi|7271895|gb|AAF44678.1| cathepsin L [Fasciola gigantica]             82   3e-14
gi|42564163|gb|AAS20593.1| digestive cysteine proteinase intesta...    82   3e-14
gi|1841466|emb|CAA71892.1| putative pre-pro-cysteine proteinase ...    82   3e-14
gi|4574304|gb|AAD23996.1| cathepsin [Fasciola gigantica]               82   3e-14
gi|21263041|gb|AAM44832.1| cathepsin L2 [Fasciola gigantica]           82   3e-14
gi|34329348|gb|AAQ63885.1| putative cysteine proteinase [Medicag...    81   3e-14
gi|50355623|dbj|BAD29960.1| cysteine protease [Daucus carota]          81   3e-14
gi|13518086|gb|AAK27384.1| cysteine proteinase-like protein [Lei...    81   3e-14
gi|26245875|gb|AAN77413.1| digestive cysteine protease intestain...    81   3e-14
gi|15824704|gb|AAL09448.1| cysteine protease [Leishmania donovani]     81   3e-14
gi|14349349|gb|AAC38833.2| cysteine protease [Leishmania donovan...    81   3e-14
gi|21218381|gb|AAM44058.1| cathepsin L1 [Schistosoma japonicum]        81   3e-14
gi|1491774|emb|CAA68192.1| cysteine protease [Zea mays]                81   3e-14
gi|1706261|sp|Q10717|CYS2_MAIZE Cysteine proteinase 2 precursor ...    81   3e-14
gi|1848231|gb|AAB48120.1| cathepsin L-like protease [Leishmania ...    81   3e-14
gi|38639319|gb|AAR25797.1| cathepsin B-like cysteine proteinase ...    81   3e-14
gi|7271889|gb|AAF44675.1| cathepsin L [Fasciola gigantica]             81   3e-14
gi|1581745|prf||2117247A Cys protease:ISOTYPE=1                        81   3e-14
gi|15593249|gb|AAL02221.1| cysteine protease CP10 precursor [Fra...    81   4e-14
gi|17560860|ref|NP_505215.1| cysteine proteinase PWCP1 precursor...    81   4e-14
gi|17384029|emb|CAD12392.1| cysteine proteinase [Leishmania infa...    81   4e-14
gi|11265608|pir||T46630 cysteine proteinase (EC 3.4.22.-) 1 prec...    81   4e-14
gi|28278727|gb|AAH44664.1| Ctso protein [Mus musculus]                 80   6e-14
gi|28932706|gb|AAO60047.1| midgut cysteine proteinase 4 [Rhipice...    80   6e-14
gi|13625989|gb|AAK35220.1| pre-procathepsin L [Paragonimus weste...    80   6e-14
gi|26340204|dbj|BAC33765.1| unnamed protein product [Mus musculus]     80   6e-14
gi|29244082|ref|NP_808330.1| cathepsin O [Mus musculus] >gnl|BL_...    80   6e-14
gi|49522293|gb|AAH75261.1| Unknown (protein for MGC:88875) [Xeno...    80   6e-14
gi|47939805|gb|AAH72275.1| MGC82409 protein [Xenopus laevis]           80   6e-14
gi|2624650|pdb|2AIM|  Cruzain Inhibited With Benzoyl-Arginine-Al...    80   6e-14
gi|18138384|ref|NP_542680.1| cathepsin [Helicoverpa zea single n...    80   6e-14
gi|19909511|dbj|BAB86960.1| cathepsin L [Fasciola gigantica]           80   6e-14
gi|39581574|emb|CAE58359.1| Hypothetical protein CBG01480 [Caeno...    80   6e-14
gi|5881566|dbj|BAA84280.1| Cysteine proteinase [Clonorchis sinen...    80   7e-14
gi|1581747|prf||2117247C Cys protease:ISOTYPE=3                        80   7e-14
gi|5231178|gb|AAD41105.1| cysteine proteinase [Hypera postica]         80   7e-14
gi|46395620|sp|O65039|CYSP_RICCO Vignain precursor (Cysteine end...    80   7e-14
gi|2624670|pdb|1AIM|  Cruzain Inhibited By Benzoyl-Tyrosine-Alan...    80   7e-14
gi|2677828|gb|AAB97142.1| cysteine protease [Prunus armeniaca]         80   7e-14
gi|47169030|pdb|1S4V|A Chain A, The 2.0 A Crystal Structure Of T...    80   7e-14
gi|629792|pir||S47434 cysteine proteinase (EC 3.4.22.-) - rice >...    80   1e-13
gi|11055|emb|CAA45129.1| cysteine proteinase preproenzyme [Homar...    80   1e-13
gi|38014481|gb|AAH60424.1| MGC68723 protein [Xenopus laevis]           80   1e-13
gi|39592995|emb|CAE62609.1| Hypothetical protein CBG06727 [Caeno...    80   1e-13
gi|48762497|dbj|BAD23818.1| cathepsin B-S [Tuberaphis coreana]         80   1e-13
gi|118125|sp|P25784|CYS3_HOMAM Digestive cysteine proteinase 3 p...    80   1e-13
gi|50539796|ref|NP_001002368.1| zgc:92089 [Danio rerio] >gnl|BL_...    79   1e-13
gi|4731372|gb|AAD28476.1| papain-like cysteine protease [Sanders...    79   1e-13
gi|19909509|dbj|BAB86959.1| cathepsin L [Fasciola gigantica]           79   1e-13
gi|1185457|gb|AAA87848.1| cathepsin L                                  79   1e-13
gi|17566486|ref|NP_507904.1| cathepsin H family member (5U698) [...    79   1e-13
gi|18407961|ref|NP_566880.1| cysteine proteinase, putative [Arab...    79   1e-13
gi|17562680|ref|NP_506318.1| cathepsin Z precursor (53.2 kD) (5N...    79   1e-13
gi|25513565|pir||D89588 protein R09F10.1 [imported] - Caenorhabd...    79   1e-13
gi|33520126|gb|AAQ21040.1| cathepsin L precursor [Branchiostoma ...    79   2e-13
gi|50753298|ref|XP_413946.1| PREDICTED: similar to RASGRF1 prote...    79   2e-13
gi|12597541|ref|NP_075125.1| cathepsin [Heliocoverpa armigera nu...    79   2e-13
gi|31559530|dbj|BAC77523.1| cysteine proteinase [Glycine max] >g...    79   2e-13
gi|22759715|dbj|BAC10906.1| cysteine proteinase [Zinnia elegans]       79   2e-13
gi|18418684|ref|NP_567983.1| cysteine endopeptidase, papain-type...    79   2e-13
gi|6959769|gb|AAF33213.1| cysteine protease Cys1b [Babesia equi]       79   2e-13
gi|38048307|gb|AAR10056.1| similar to Drosophila melanogaster CG...    79   2e-13
gi|22096273|gb|AAC17994.2| cysteine protease [Babesia equi]            79   2e-13
gi|50355621|dbj|BAD29959.1| cysteine protease [Daucus carota]          78   3e-13
gi|321019|pir||S19651 cysteine proteinase (EC 3.4.22.-) precurso...    78   3e-13
gi|118158|sp|P12412|CYSP_VIGMU Vignain precursor (Bean endopepti...    78   3e-13
gi|445927|prf||1910332A Cys endopeptidase                              78   3e-13
gi|7435797|pir||T06208 cysteine proteinase (EC 3.4.22.-) - barle...    78   4e-13
gi|4100157|gb|AAD10337.1| cysteine proteinase precursor [Hordeum...    78   4e-13
gi|33945878|emb|CAE45589.1| papain-like cysteine proteinase-like...    77   5e-13
gi|5853329|gb|AAD54424.1| thiol protease [Matricaria chamomilla]       77   5e-13
gi|629651|pir||S47312 cysteine proteinase (EC 3.4.22.-) precurso...    77   5e-13
gi|33945877|emb|CAE45588.1| papain-like cysteine proteinase-like...    77   6e-13
gi|545734|gb|AAB30089.1| cysteine protease [Fasciola sp.] >gnl|B...    77   6e-13
gi|7435798|pir||T06206 probable cysteine proteinase (EC 3.4.22.-...    77   6e-13
gi|27497536|gb|AAO13008.1| cathepsin S preproprotein [Saimiri bo...    77   8e-13
gi|13625987|gb|AAK35219.1| cysteine proteinase [Paragonimus west...    77   8e-13
gi|29165304|gb|AAO65603.1| cathepsin L precursor [Hydra vulgaris]      77   8e-13
gi|33873837|gb|AAH25419.1| Unknown (protein for IMAGE:3929674) [...    77   8e-13
gi|27372529|gb|AAO03565.1| cysteine protease 8 [Entamoeba histol...    77   8e-13
gi|630816|pir||S47433 cathepsin L (EC - Norway lobste...    77   8e-13
gi|7435773|pir||S71773 cysteine proteinase (EC 3.4.22.-) precurs...    77   8e-13
gi|7435806|pir||T01207 cysteine proteinase mir3 (EC 3.4.22.-) - ...    77   8e-13
gi|33242886|gb|AAQ01147.1| cathepsin [Paralabidochromis chilotes]      76   1e-12
gi|23956098|ref|NP_062412.1| cathepsin 7; ectoplacental cone, in...    76   1e-12
gi|11875976|emb|CAC18865.1| cysteine protease [Leishmania major]       76   1e-12
gi|10185020|emb|CAC08809.1| cathepsin L [Canis familiaris]             76   1e-12
gi|2765358|emb|CAA74241.1| cathepsin L [Litopenaeus vannamei]          76   1e-12
gi|15320768|ref|NP_203280.1| V-CATH [Epiphyas postvittana nucleo...    76   1e-12
gi|8917575|gb|AAF81274.1| EPCS24 [Mus musculus]                        76   1e-12
gi|1085687|pir||S53027 cathepsin L (EC precursor - pe...    76   1e-12
gi|11265612|pir||T47471 cysteine proteinase (EC 3.4.22.-) F18N11...    76   1e-12
gi|6682829|dbj|BAA88898.1| cysteine protease component of protea...    76   1e-12
gi|1141743|gb|AAB04162.1| putative cysteine proteinase                 75   2e-12
gi|34809309|gb|AAQ82649.1| cysteine protease [Tritrichomonas foe...    75   2e-12
gi|4902840|emb|CAB43538.1| cysteine proteinase A [Leishmania major]    75   2e-12

>gi|7497829|pir||T20148 probable cysteine proteinase (EC 3.4.22.-)
            C52E4.1 - Caenorhabditis elegans
          Length = 340

 Score =  672 bits (1735), Expect = 0.0
 Identities = 326/340 (95%), Positives = 326/340 (95%)
 Frame = +1







>gi|32566081|ref|NP_506002.2| cysteine PRotease related (35.4 kD)
            (cpr-1) [Caenorhabditis elegans]
 gi|32172429|sp|P25807|CYS1_CAEEL Gut-specific cysteine proteinase
 gi|1395200|gb|AAB88058.1| gut-specific cysteine protease-1
            [Caenorhabditis elegans]
 gi|24817276|emb|CAB01410.2| Hypothetical protein C52E4.1
            [Caenorhabditis elegans]
          Length = 329

 Score =  646 bits (1666), Expect = 0.0
 Identities = 314/328 (95%), Positives = 314/328 (95%)
 Frame = +1







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