Summary information of clone 235d9

235d9 CELK04963 5 C35A11 C35A11.4 1.62
accession No.YAC hybridization
C66994(5') C56206(3')

L1 - L2

L2 - L3

L3 - L4

L4 - adult

WormPepC35A11.4status:Partially_confirmed TR:O16547 protein_id:AAB66037.2
HMMersugar_trSugar (and other) transporter
GO0005215, transporter activity
0005351, sugar porter activity
0006810, transport
0008643, carbohydrate transport
0016020, membrane
0016021, integral to membrane
BLASTXgi|17558434|ref|NP_504430.1| solute carrier family 2 member (5F868) [Caenorhabditis elegans] gi|7497050|pir||T31930 hypothetical protein C35A11.4 - Caenorhabditis elegans

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