Summary information of clone 353a7

353a7 CELK05984 5 B0399 B0399.1a 2.63
accession No.YAC hybridization
C64022(5') C54023(3')

L1 - L2

L2 - L3

L3 - L4

L4 - adult

WormPepB0399.1astatus:Partially_confirmed TR:Q9XTJ3 protein_id:CAA21625.2
HMMerCaMBDCalmodulin binding domain
BLASTXgi|32566965|ref|NP_507800.2| calcium-activated SK potassium channel and Calmodulin binding domain containing protein family member (5U79) [Caenorhabditis elegans] gi|23954181|emb|CAB03807.2| Hypothetical protein B0399.1a [Caenorhabditis elegans] gi|24817599|emb|CAA21625.2| Hypothetical protein B0399.1a [Caenorhabditis elegans]

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