Summary information of clone 383a4

383a4 CELK06716 5 F59D6 F59D6.3 1.18
accession No.YAC hybridization
C70093(5') C58886(3')

L1 - L2

L2 - L3

L3 - L4

L4 - adult

WormPepF59D6.3status:Partially_confirmed TR:O16338 protein_id:AAB65878.1
HMMeraspEukaryotic aspartyl protease
GO0004194, pepsin A activity
0006508, proteolysis and peptidolysis
BLASTXgi|17561740|ref|NP_503825.1| aspartic protease family member (5D505) [Caenorhabditis elegans] gi|7504761|pir||T31770 hypothetical protein F59D6.3 - Caenorhabditis elegans gi|2315321|gb|AAB65878.1| Hypothetical protein F59D6.3 [Caenorhabditis elegans]

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