NEXTDB news (Oct 23 2005)


In-situ hybridization images (photographies) have not been displayed for
last two weeks because of a hardware trouble of NEXTDB server machine.
Now we finished to replace the hardware and restarted the server, so that
you can fully access to the in-situ data.


Incorrect annotations done by BLASTX and HMMer were found in some clone/gene
reports.  The results were not consistent with GO descriptions, gene names,
or gene expression patterns.  The problem is now solved by updating the
annotation resources made from BLASTX and HMMer results.


NEXTDB ver.4.0 is released.   This version contains 126,431 5' EST,
116,616 3' EST, and in-situ hybridization images of 11,237 cDNA clones.
The user interface is also changed from the previous version.

1)  Graphical depiction of chrmosome and cosmid maps are done by
   image files.  (Java applets were used in the previous version.)
   So that, maps can be printed out or saved as image files.

2)  In keyword searches, outputs can be restricted the clones
   which have in-situ images.

3)  And some other features.

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