in-situ hybridization (not arranged)

clone : 303b9

303b9 CELK05668 5 C47A10 C47A10.1pgp-9 2.03
WormPepC47A10.1status:Partially_confirmed TR:O45721 protein_id:CAB07855.1
HMMerABC_tranABC transporter
GO0000166, nucleotide binding
0005524, ATP binding
0006508, proteolysis and peptidolysis
0006810, transport
0008237, metallopeptidase activity
0008270, zinc ion binding
0016021, integral to membrane
0016887, ATPase activity
0017111, nucleoside-triphosphatase activity
0042626, ATPase activity, coupled to transmembrane movement of substances
BLASTXgi|17558664|ref|NP_507487.1| P-GlycoProtein related (pgp-9) [Caenorhabditis elegans] gi|7497530|pir||T19982 hypothetical protein C47A10.1 - Caenorhabditis elegans gi|3875004|emb|CAB03973.1| Hypothetical protein C47A10.1 [Caenorhabditis elegans] gi|3879215|emb|CAB07855.1| Hypothetical protein C47A10.1 [Caenorhabditis elegans]

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