Summary information of clone 528e5

528e5 CELK03073 2 Y54G11A Y54G11A.6ctl-1 1.89
accession No.YAC hybridization
AV188786(5') AV177422(3')

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WormPepY54G11A.6status:Confirmed SW:O61235 protein_id:CAA22458.2
GO0004096, catalase activity
0006118, electron transport
0006979, response to oxidative stress
BLASTXgi|25147792|ref|NP_496979.2| catalase, cytosolic, necessary for extended adult lifespan; beware, there are three catalase genes in tandem and it is not clear which is cat-1 and which is cat-2 from the Genbank sequence, since matches are imperfect (57.3 kD) (ctl-1) [Caenorhabditis elegans] gi|25453431|sp|O61235|CAT2_CAEEL Catalase 2 gi|20803823|emb|CAA22458.2| Hypothetical protein Y54G11A.6 [Caenorhabditis elegans]

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