Usage of area map

In this page, a map in which location of cosmids and genes are depicted locates on the left, and in-situ hybridization images locate on the right.
  1. map
    In the map, the following objects are depicted. If you click one of the cosmid boxes, a precise information of the selected cosmid (Cosmid map) is displayed. If you click one of the CDS boxes, precise report of the selected gene is displayed.
  2. in-situ images
    Thumbnail images of in-situ hybridization are aligned by genes (vertically) and developmental stages (horizontally). By clicking a thumbnail, a full size image can be seen.
  3. change view
    There are buttons on both top and bottom of the area map page.
  4. change map size
    Users can change the graphic size of the map. Type width and height by dot number to fields on the bottom of the area map page, and then click "go" button. This affects to map only, so that in-situ hybridization images are unchanged.

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