Usage of chromosome map

First (top) page

In the page, there are six yellow vertical bars, each of which shows a chromosome (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or X). Blue horizontal lines at the both sides of the chromosome bars show gene density (left:direct strand, right:complementary strand).
If you click one of the chromosome bar, a chromosome map of the selected one is shown by more precise style.

Chromosome map

Red boxes aligned in vertical direction show locations of cosmid clones. Names of genes or loci on direct strand are shown in the left side, and those on complementary strand are shown in the right side.
If you click one of the cosmid boxes, a precise information of the selected cosmid (Cosmid map) or a precise map of the selected cosmid and its neighborhood (Area map) is displayed.
To change the view of the map, there are items on the top of the map.
  1. zoom button
  2. shift button
  3. viewing area
    Users can directly specify the area on the chromosome which is shown in the view. Type start and end positions by base pairs, and then click "go" button.
  4. drawing size
    Users can change the graphic size of the map. Type width and height by dot number and then click "go" button.

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